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The Southend on Sea Linux User Group, affectionately known as SoSLUG, meets every Monday evening at The Temporary Arts Project (TAP) - The Old Water Works, North Road, Southend on Sea SS0 7AB. From 7.00pm until we've all had enough and go home. That can be late, but there's no restriction on the time you arrive or go. It's an open door type thing.

Everyone is welcome to attend, from advanced programmers to complete novices who know nothing about computers. It is helpful if you have a laptop or net-book or even a desktop PC to bring it with you so you may join in.

We aim to make everyone feel welcome whatever their background and whether they have a computer or not. If you want advice on anything to do with Linux or Open Source software, come and see us.

Representatives of small businesses are welcome to come to us for advice, which we'll willingly give you for free. But if you want bespoke consultations, then members reserve the right to come to you and offer the appropriate consultation services in return for their agreed fees. They have to earn a living all said and done!


Our thanks go out to our hosts, The Temporary Arts Project for the excellent facilities they willingly provide us. Please come and visit and support them.


So who are we and what do we actually do?

We are a diverse bunch of enthusiasts who "play" with anything from robots, to servers, to Raspberry Pis and everything in between. If it's Linux or Open Source, we're happy to get involved. Our ages range from children to senior citizens and yes, we do have some lady members. Please note, if you wish a child (under 16) to attend, they must be accompanied by an adult. This is due to the current legislation protecting children.


So what does it all cost?


Yes, we know that's hard to believe in this day and age, but it's true. In the same spirit as TAP offers us their facilities, we pass this on to you.

If you come along on a regular basis, we'll ask you if you'd like to become a member, which is an annual fee that helps us maintain SoSLUG and it's equipment. We also support TAP's network as best we can. It's our way of saying - thank you. It's paid on a yearly basis and works out at about 50p a week. So hardly expensive! Please may we make it very clear, no one has to become a member and no one is excluded just because they can't (or decline) to pay. You're still very welcome whatever your circumstances.