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Welcome to Southend Linux User Group(SoSLUG)

We are a Linux User Group(LUG), that is, we promote Free & Open Source Software(FOSS) technologies. Effectively a hobbyist computing group. The FOSS approach to software (and hardware) affords the user maximum freedom with their computing, free from lock-in or malicious features. FOSS (e.g. LibreOffice office suite, GIMP image editor, Firefox web browser and Linux operating systems) is built voluntarily by professionals and hobbyists alike, collaborating through the worldwide connective power of the Internet; that's how it's (mostly) available at zero cost. While Linux operating systems such as Ubuntu are relatively rare on desktop PCs, they are very popular for other uses. Linux is used on the majority of web servers and lots of embedded systems (e.g. televisions and cable TV boxes) due to its rock-solid reliability, security and flexibility. LUGs exist all over the world, as a support network.

Click on the link in the upcoming event panel to see details of our latest event, or click here

The next Southend Raspberry Jam, run by SoSLUG as always, will be on Saturday 30th May 2015, 10am-5pm at the Tickfield Centre.

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About us

We have expanded our horizons since we formed in 2004, and now encourage all things Computing. This ranges from our involvement with the Digital Housing Hub: helping the elderly and others learn how to use computers for everyday tasks, to our Raspberry Jams and related events. These showcase the power of the Raspberry Pi, a small computer released in 2011 intended for educating children about computing. The Raspberry Pi is small, flexible and low-cost, has a huge community behind it while running Linux and lots of Free & Open Source Software; it is an excellent platform for teaching or hobby technology projects. There are similar Raspberry Jam events held all over the UK, including Manchester, Oxford and Cambridge. We are becoming involved with local schools, offering help with all things Raspberry Pi / Free & Open Source Software on PCs. Many of us have now signed up as STEM Ambassadors.

Our Weekly Meetings...

We meet every Monday at 7pm in Southend-on-Sea in a space with internet access and other good facilities. You can come and say hi for free. We discuss all things Linux and Computing and can help you get started or with any FOSS related problem. Scroll down for more information.

tap.png tapmap-crop1_0.png
Temporary Arts Project
North Road
Southend, Essex
Nearest rail station: Prittlewell
Nearest bus stop: Blue Boar, Victoria Ave
Please be aware the Nelson Pub on the map has now been turned into flats

Every Monday from 7pm - 10pm or later...

Why should I attend?

  • Perhaps you want to start a tech project and need help.
  • You are interested in Linux, programming, design or hacking
  • Seek advice from members for the latest open source software or applications
  • Embrace or improve your tech skills base and/or help others
  • Build projects for the Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Robots, Bitcoin mining, 3D printing and more
  • Gain expertise on the Internet, Wireless, Openmesh, SSH, SCP, HTTPS, Amazon AWS and other technologies

What do I bring?

At our weekly meeting, members and non members can hang out socialise, collaborate and participate, you can bring your laptop, PC or projects and/or any interesting ideas. All you really need bring is yourself and of course any friends. Many people often bring snacks with them to share on the night, presumably to feed the enthusiasm.

Who will be there?

Everyone and anyone is welcome, both members and non-members of almost any age or skill level. It tends to be a nice mix of regulars and new faces

You can look around for free, talk with members of the club at your discretion, our Membership is £24 per year and whilst we would welcome your support it is not essential, especially if you're limited in funds.