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Welcome to Southend's Linux User Group

On Saturday 1st March we celebrated Eben Upton's

'The Raspberry Pi's' second birthday since it's initial launch.

At TAP we held an all day event, which received generous acclaim from Ria Parish of LoveSouthend.co.uk, you can review Ria Parish's article here LoveSouthend.co.uk, thank you Ria. We at SoSLUG will be running more of these Raspberry Pi events, if you would like to contribute or join us please contact us at ray AT soslug.org. We are keen to provide where possible sessions to broaden the knowledge of individuals for soldering of wires and components to PCB, to program devices using the Raspberry Pi and that of Python and other such programming languages, to build or help to build Robots and Robotic devices or perhaps building backend Monitoring and or Controlling systems. If you can add or offer your skills or contribute in some other way we would love to here from you. Again please email ray AT soslug.org (marketing officer) if you receive no reply please consider writing to linux AT soslug.org.

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Temporary Art Project
North Road
Southend, Essex
Nearest Railstation is Prittlewell
Nearest Bus stop Blue Boar Victoria Road
We are open from 7pm each Monday
Please be aware the Nelson Pub has now been turned into flats

Our Weekly Meetings

Every Monday from 7pm

Why should I attend

  • Perhaps you want to start a project and need help.
  • You are interested in Linux, Programming, Design or Hacking
  • Seek the advice from members for the latest Linux OS software or applications
  • Embrace or improve your skills base and / or help others
  • Get involved with our club, Southend on Sea Linux User Group
  • Have fun being geeky, nerdy or techy with people who like you for who not what you are
  • Build projects for the Raspberry PI, Arduinos, Robots, Bitcoin mining rigs, Solar powered and Solar tracking Arduinos, 3D printing and much more besides
  • Gain your expertise on the Internet, Wireless, Openmesh, SSH, SCP, HTTPS, Amazon AWS for free

What happens at SoSLUG

Some MAKING of projects.
WRITING of scripts and code.

Workshops, Lectures and presentations.

Click here for SoSLUG Events

Covering subjects such as:-

Linux (distros) desktops and server. gnome, kde, mate, lxde, installation, grub, booting, usb, multiple displays, printing, 3d printing, command line, regular expressions, programming, file permissions, apache, mysql, server, backup, firewalls, bitmessage, wordpress, drupal, css, websites, javascript, jquery, liquidsoap, virtualisation, Amazon aws, juju, S3, ec2, openstack, linux containers, nfs, raid, compiling, kernel, git, version control, raspberry pi, arduinos, midi, voip, jitsi, asterisk, scalability, redundancy and distributed systems plus many many more please ask.

What do I bring

At our weekly meeting, members and non members can hang out socialise, collaborate and participate, you can bring your laptops, PC or your projects and or any interesting ideas. All you really need bring is yourself and of course any friends. Many people often bring snacks with them to share on the night, presumably to feed the enthusiasm.

Who will be there

Everyone is welcome, both members and non-members and of almost any age. It tends to be a nice mix of regulars, irregulars and some new faces, this is most definitely not an all male domain, we do have at least one female member as well.

You can look around for free, talk with members of the club at your discretion, our Membership is £24 per year and whilst we would welcome your support it is not essential, especially if your limited in funds.

You can attend any one of our weekly meetings. The format is informal, so you don't need any computing skills to join.