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LibreOffice Spell Checker Howto

Fixing the Spell Checker in LibreOffice

After installing Linux Mint - Maya this is of course the 12.04 Ubuntu version, we were rather surprised to find that LibreOffice the Office application it come with, fails to correct spelling as you type in fact although it has the feature the feature does nothing.

You might at this point want to know how this might be fixed - well here is on way simply install the following package and reboot or logout and log back in your computer, restart the LibreOffice application all should be fine.

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Welcome to Southend's Linux User Group

On Saturday 1st March we celebrated Eben Upton's

'The Raspberry Pi's' second birthday since it's initial launch.

At TAP we held an all day event, which received generous acclaim from Ria Parish of, you can review Ria Parish's article here, thank you Ria.

Drivers for Epson Printer/scanner

Obtaining Drivers for an Epson Printer/Scanner

I have been using for some time now an all in one printer/scanner by Epson, namely an Epson Stylus SX445W, with my Linux Ubuntu 12.04 LTS OS but I had until recently not had need to used the scanning feature. When I started to use it I obtained a notice telling me there was no connection. Clearly, since the printer is working OK otherwise, I needed drivers for the scanner. However, this is not quite so simple, although using the Terminal helps enormously as described below.

Undertanding Network Blocks

ISP Network Block


I am writing this article partly because of the frustration experienced setting up a new network block of IP addresses assigned by the ISP (Internet Service Provider) and partly as a reminder. The operation itself is not difficult it is just not common knowledge or it is difficult to obtain, the process involves the configuration of an existing router in this case "Zyxel P660-R D1" but it could be any suitable router.

Prism Break

Protect Yourself from Prism


In late May or early June Edward Snowden began to reveal to the world the extent of government forces their disregard for privacy and most importantly the eroding of the principle that man is innocent until proven guilty. It is all to easy to debate the trappings, but what Edward Snowden has disclosed is in fact nothing new and had indeed been suspected for some time. Prism program is not an isolated incident there are many such programs, forces and commercial ventures designed to control the likes of you and I.