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One Wire Weather is peripheral hardware that when attached to a client computer will automate the process of the collection of environmental data, such as temperature, humidity, wind velocity and direction. With the addition of modules it is possible to increase the scope for the collection of environmental data.

In its basic form and without the addition of modules the unit will sample the following data “Wind Velocity”, “Direction” and “Temperature”. This unit is perfect for an enthusiast and hobbyist. Under Ubuntu it is simple to install, provided some preliminary libraries are added via the Synaptic Package Manager.

Preliminary Installation

You will need the following pre-installed before installing via compilation the One Wire Software. As we are compiling our software from code we need to be able to configure the Installation software for the machine we are compiling for, perform a “make” which builds the object code and binaries necessary, and finally install to the directories the software compiled.

To achieve this you need the following installed along with any dependent software required. You need not worry about this if this is the first time you have tried to compile you own software, all will be explained in due course.

Synaptic Package Manager



Download the Source Code available from the following location.


If this link is broken please advise us & visit the following location it can only mean their is a newer version available.

Using a program called “tar” unpack the downloaded file, use the following command to achieve this, you should run this command within the same directory that you have save the file to, provided this is downloaded within your own home directory you will not need to use “sudo“.

#> tar xvf oww-0.82.0.tar.gz

Now change directory to oww-0.81.9, only when you have all the above dependent files will you be able to compile this program.

Execute the following command it should not be necessary to change your user login to root at this stage but you will need to later.

#> ./configure –without-usb (for version 0.81.9) or
#> ./configure (for versions 0.82 and above)

As of version 0.82 the –without-usb option is not required only 0.81.9 needs to be compiled this way for the One Wire Weather System using a Serial connection rather than a USB connection.

Now you need to build the code to do this use “make” on it own with no other directives.

#> make

Then change user to root or use “sudo” and the following command

#> sudo make install

You will be asked for a password and this will be your login password not a “root” password, use “sudo” instead of “root” where possible.


This hardware can be purchased for as little as £60 +VAT & P&P you are advised to shop around for the best deal just type “One Wire Weather” in any good search engine.


What can this equipment be used for?

It can be used for many varying applications it is a series of sensors after all, that on it’s own can measure Temperature, Wind Velocity and Direction, with the addition of other modules these measurements can be expanded. So be it for a school or personal project this is a great way to make your computer do more, for little cost.

Please Note

This document is now quite old it is not necessarily upto date as far as its content or work ethics are concerned. Please locate an upto date installation document.

Author: Derek Shaw - Page reference: 2880
Last modified: Derek Shaw - 2015-01-20

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