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Ancillary actually means secondary importance, and whilst I wouldn’t call this “One Wire Weather vane” second rate it is in this case a peripheral device attached to a computer that it is intended to run on, in this case the Compaq Evo Mini Tower.

The Weather Vane can be utilised in one of many differnt ways, it could operate as a Stand alone Weather Machine, a Server or connected to a vast network of other similar Weather stations and server’s to help with the National and indeed global Weather Prediction.

We at Mediashed and indeed Stuart himself has no interest what so ever in producing an output that purely consist of nothing but data even if that data is use full. Instead we would rather have the data provide an output for something more dynamic and useful than that, and this is where the generation Ambient Sound comes in.

The equipment itself is, as has already been explained is a Weather Vane that produces a series of collectable data streams form Wind velocity to Wind direction for the basic unit. The unit can at any time be expanded to accomodate Temperature, Precipitation and a host of other gadgets. The Weather Vane itself arrives in kit form and requires few in the way of skill for its assembly. On its own it is nothing more than a glorified Weather Cock or a Windmill, but armed with sensor’s and a D to A converter the equipment becomes more useful.

We have made a few mistakes in our assumptions, we rather thought that the “One Wire Weather Vane” would come complete with everything we would need to get started. It came with a Weather Vane and a cable nothing else. It quickly became apparent that we needed to connect this equipment to a USB or Serial port, so we needed an adapter to use with it. We requested a 9 Pin Serial converter to use with the One Wire Weather Vane, which is exactly what we got but not what we needed. The Serial converter supplied was indeed a Serial converter however it was eventually spotted that the converter supplied was that of a RJ45 to Serial converter. This unit although seemed to fit in fact didn’t the cable from the One Wire Weather Vane is that of type RJ11 this is slightly smaller than the RJ45.

This then lead us to examine other adaptors and we quickly came to the conclusion that we had recieved the wrong unit. The unit we needed has a built in processor to multiplex the signals it receives and sends them to the serial port in the correct format. Our project is now on hold until we receive the correct unit.

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