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Progress update – dynamic home page

The original banner image of the twenty thirteen page has been changed, so the layout more closely resembles that of the live (Drupal) site. Currently the SoSLUG logo is missing from this banner.

A dynamic home page has now been set up, to welcome visitors, and to display the most recent posts; moving them from the footer area. While still based on a child of the twenty thirteen theme, these changes bring the basic layout of the site a step closer to the envisioned layout; i.e. by combining static pages with posts.

One consequence of this has had the effect of reducing the width of the content area on the home page. A new template for the home page will be introduced to address this, and to separate its layout from that of other pages. In the latter case, the recent posts may revert to the footer area.

The top level menu has been changed, to include an entry for recent posts, thus making them more accessible.

Author: Alan Campion - Page reference: 3093
Last modified: Alan Campion - 2014-04-21

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