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This section is not concerned with the age groups as such to which these games are classified only the method by which the games themselves are installed along with any quirkiness we feel you need to know that might effect your installation. Ok possibly none of the games listed on this page will appeal to you they are not intended to, these games provide another purpose and that is to educate the young.

#> sudo apt-get update
#> Password:
#> sudo apt-get upgrade

Tux Educational Games

Another great educational application well two of them really TuxMath and TuxType install them using the command bellow or using the synaptic package manager.


Again an educational suite of games aimed at the young some 112 games in all.

#> sudo apt-get install gcompris gcompris-data gcompris-sound-en

These are all the packages needed to access the GCompris Suite of Educational games, please refer to the GCompris site for more information

Game Module Image Description Age
Sudoku Symbols must be unique in a row, in a column, and (if defined) each region.
Memory Flip the cards to find the matching pairs
Memory (Addition) Turn the cards over to find two numbers which add up the same, until all the cards are gone.
Memory (Subtraction) Turn the cards over to find two numbers which subtract the same, until all the cards are gone.
Memory (Sound) Click on Tux the violinist and listen to find the matching sounds
Memory (Sound Tux) Play the audio memory game against Tux
Memory (Division) Turn the cards over to find a matching operation, until all the cards are gone.
Memory (Subtraction Tux) Turn the cards over to find two numbers which subtract the same, until all the cards are gone.
Memory Game with Tux Have a memory competition with Tux.
Simple Letters Type the falling letters before they reach the ground.
Click & Draw Draw the picture by clicking on the blue points.
Algebra Answer some simple algebra questions
Counting Place the items in the best way to count them
Hosing Tux needs to water the flowers, but the hose is blocked.
Magician Hat Count how many items are under the magic hat
Hexagon Find the strawberry by clicking on the blue fields
Prime Numbers Guide the Number Muncher to all the prime numbers
Maze Find your way out of the maze (Move is relative)
Chronos Drag and Drop the items to organize the story
TuxPaint Tux Paint is a simple drawing application
Drawing and Animation Free drawing and animation tool.
Tower of Hanoi Reproduce the tower on the right side
Read Colours Read and click on the matching color
Matching Drag and Drop the items to make them match
Colours (Advanced) Click on the correct colour
Maze Find your way out of this Maze
Vector Drawing Drawing application using Vector graphics
Water Cycle Tux has come back from a long fishing party on his boat. Bring the water system back up so he can take a shower.
Locate Regions Drag and Drop the regions to redraw the whole country
Algorithm Complete a list of symbols
Number Dice Count the number of dots on dice before they reach the ground
Mirror Image Copy the mirror image of an object from the box on the right into the box on the left.
Factor Number Munchers Guide the Number Muncher to all the factors of the number at the top of the screen
Pass ball to Tux Press the two shift keys at the same time, to make the ball go in a straight line.
Country Locator Drag and Drop the items to redraw the whole map
Numbers Move the helicopter to catch the clouds in the correct order
Image Name Drag and Drop each item onto its name
Tangram Puzzle The objective is to form a given shape with seven pieces
Learn Chess Play chess against the computer in a learning mode

Ok thats GCompris, well some of it anyways the above should give you a pretty good taster of whats available many of the games are versions on the theme, however if you would like further details of any of the applications available visit the [ GCompris] website it will make interesting reading.


Atomix is a 1990 2D transport puzzle video game, the object of the game is to assemble molecules from compound atoms by sliding the atoms around. This has to be done in a set time limit for each level. Hardly a kids game but certainly suitable game for children to enjoy.


#> sudo apt-get install atomix atomix-data

No homepage found sorry.


What is Kalzium, er it’s the periodic table for would be chemistry bofins it is not a game like Atomix but more like a reference application tool. So would suggest you treat it as such.

#> sudo apt-get install kalzium kalzium-data

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