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Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (full install) – Wage war in team-based combat. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is an online multiplayer game, where the players interact with each other over a network in two teams (axis and allies) to defend or destroy mission objectives. No game download would be complete without a howto for installing Wolfenstein although if you weren’t using the command line to install before you certainly will for this one.

download enemyterritory right click to “save link as” select the folder destination for this file so you can locate it later.

If you worried that the download took little time don’t be running the script itself downloads the necessary files and installs when ready. As part of the installation you must agree twice to proceed rather than start the application on completion press exit the application will immediately initialise an Enemy Territory update which, you will need to agree to each window in turn and again rather than press start select exit to finalise and accommodate dependencies. You may also wish to setup a link from the games menu from your desktop otherwise you can run “” from the command line, terminal session.

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Last modified: - 2012-11-16

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