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eSellerPro and Linux

eSellerPro running on Linux


Much as I would like to show you eSellerPro working under Linux I will refrain from doing so, but I can tell you it can work how well I am not sure I am not a expert on eSellerPro, if some body wants to work with me on this I am happy to add what expertise I can. Almost everything I tried seems to work, being a Java program there should be no reason why it shouldn’t work – Java being cross platform and the like.

You will need to recognise that there are some prerequisites that eSellerPro will require in order to run at all, and that on my system at least it is really quite slow. You will need on your Linux system Open JDK JRE probably version seven and Icedtea Netx Common files, more on the files you will need latter.

Installation of pre-requisite files

eSellerPro is not a website it is actually a Java application, so in order to run this program you need a (java runtime environment) called a jre on top of Linux.

#> sudo apt-get update
#> sudo apt-get insatall openjdk-7-jre icedtea icedtea-netx

Starting eSellerPro

You can actually run this two different ways one is from a browser and the second from the command line if there are any other ways I am not aware of them. Before running eSellerPro you need to understand it is a paid for product it is not free, because many businesses use it and currently at least some refrain from using Linux because they say it does not work this tutorial is made available so you can make the choice of which OS to use rather than be told.

This application is not a standalone product you cannot download the file and execute it, but java responds to a url in the same way as that of the browser.

Option 1 Launch your browser Firefox is best but it does work with Chromium-browser also type in the url given by “eSellerPro” (SoSLUG do not endorse the use of this product this howto is for information purposes only), this will look something like this example.

Where “CLIENTNAME” will be your business name perhaps provided by the eSeller company.

An alternative way to start this application is via the console, open a new terminal and enter the following command

#> javaws -jar

Where “CLIENTNAME” will be your business name perhaps provided by the eSeller company.

In both these cases you will be asked to agree to a number certificates just allow when necessary

eSellerPro even though it runs is not without it’s problems under Linux, the one I have found is that the messages will not launch and display in the application. Also I mentioned it does run but the launch execution time is extremely slow. I cannot pinpoint where the problem actually lies Java, Linux or the application, but now you have been furnished with a howto that works, maybe someone else can fill in the blanks.

Author: Derek Shaw - Page reference: 2083
Last modified: Alan Campion - 2015-09-17

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