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Firefox 3 install on ASUS EEEPC

Howto install Firefox3 with the Asus EeePC

Brian came to (SoSLUG one of our regulars), us last week with two possible methods for the installation of Firefox3, we thought we would try them out for the benefit of the many of our members that have one. You might be wondering why you should want to upgrade from firefox2 to firefox3, both look identical however firefox3 is a little faster than it’s older cousin however it’s most interesting feature is it’s ability to page zoom, simply by using the “Ctrl +” and “Ctrl -” this allows you view any given page to your screen.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 1 was the least successful of the method installations we tried, we are not looking to criticise those that have taken the time and trouble to provide this information only that this option did not work on the equipment we tried it on. This option relies on installing Debian package files via the base system, we encountered problems installing the packages in the prescribed manner as directed in the post and the failure of some of the packages.

Both installation methods rely on upgrading the Gnome Tool Kit GTK from 2.8 to 2.10 however using the package manager “dpkg” which we needed root user or sudo to install, this failed installation due to version conflicts but we trust the original author will correct this in due course.

The second option we where more successful with just follow the instructions as detailed below and we are confident you will have the same success as we enjoyed.

  1. First use “wget” to download a copy of Gnome Tool Kit GTK 2.10 we suggest copying and pasting the line below via a terminal into your home drive, the file is a small one and should take little by way of space. To use the terminal you can use Ctrl + Alt + t
  2. #> wget

  3. Extract the downloaded file to a folder, the folder name can be anything you like but we choose to retain the suggested folder name, however we did extract to the “/opt/gtk2-10” folder rather retaining in the home directory. It is also assumed you are in the folder location you downloaded to.
  4. #> sudo dpkg-deb -x libgtk2.0-0_2.10.13-2~bpo.1_i386.deb /opt/gtk2-10

  5. Install firefox Version 3 the original wiki suggests a download from mozilla themselves if you wish to do this you will need to download from this location firefox we decided to select and install an existing firefox Debian package which installs to the /opt directory by default.
  6. >

    #> wget
    #> sudo dpkg -i firefox3e_0.1_3epc.deb

  7. Change directory to the new installed location of firefox3e “/opt/firefox3e” locate and edit the script file “/opt/firefox3e/firefox3e” you can use any file editor “vi”, “vim”, “gedit” you wish but you will need to add an additional line to this existing script close to but not the very top of this existing script.

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/opt/gtk2-10/usr/lib"

This entry needs to be added to the existing script file called firefox3e, it is a slight deviation from the original wiki but then our package was expanded to a different location.

The firefox3e script should look similar to this:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/opt/gtk2-10/usr/lib"

Example command for editor

#> sudo vim /opt/firefox3e/firefox3e

You are almost ready to go to launch your new firefox3, open a new terminal session, change directory to the new location of the installed firefox program. To run this script you somehow need to ensure no other version of firefox is running and that this new version is run in preference. This is not as hard as you might think, after you have changed the directory to the newly installed firefox directory prefix your command for the script file with "./command" this essentially instructs the script to be run from its current directory.

#> cd /opt/firefox3e
#> ./firefox3e

One problem has been noted after this installation method has been completed and an icon has been created via launch tools. Firefox3 appears to run successfully via the terminal but not without errors being reported to the terminal window. Via the icon the error is more dramatic but only when Firefox3 is closed, under such circumstances you may receive a crash report it should be noted that not all installations have failed this way, we will endevour to investigate further and report our findings.

Author: Alan Campion - Page reference: 2075
Last modified: - 2012-11-16

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