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Many people are frustrated for want of a better expression with Linux because they think it is lacking in the Games department, all said and done this is not an accurate assessment. Want to know what Gutsy Gibbon support by way of games just look here Intrepid Ibex Games and Ubuntu Community Docs Games

  • True you don’t have to buy Games for Linux Systems most have always been free via open source
  • Windows OS holds the Market share for Commercial games. Yep and you can pay huge sums for it.
  • It is also true that it is unlikely that the latest well known commercial games will be written exclusively for Linux and even if they were, these are unlikely to be free or open source, however if commercial games are available and open source you could donate using the money you save from paying Micro$oft.

It is false to say that Linux games are in anyway inferior to that of games written for the Windows platform. It is also false to say that Linux games are graphically less acceptable or exciting than it’s Windows counterpart. Linux supports a rich variety of games covering the basic Tetris and familiar card games to the highly complex strategy and shoot em up games.

It is equally true for both Linux and Windows that performance improvements can be gained as with any game or application, by the purchase of high end hardware, by that we mean CPU, Memory and Graphics card. Many gamers conduct a lot of research to find the right equipment to use with their many different games especially under Windows.

What does this wiki aim to provide?

Linux and Ubuntu in particular are well supported for games, you can even obtain an Ubuntu distro specifically with games in mind, however these distro’s tend to focus more on giving you every game possible or and/or every application possible. Because of this we will focus more on the specifics of the individual games themselves rather than everything, in the hope that if you have what you need less clutter will allow you to appreciate the distro more.

We can not stress enough, certainly for the games side of things that if you want to play shoot em games in Hi Res you will need good graphic’s card a reasonable CPU and plenty of memory and good or reasonable hard disk 80Gb plus.

We and I in particular are not gamer’s as I have little or no interest in gaming other than that of others are interested in this side of it, and the rich graphical content that it portrays. We are interested in promoting Linux not necessarily exclusively on Ubuntu although it may appear that way, however appearances can be deceiving.

Gaming Distro’s

Do you know of a gaming distro not covered in this wiki then please send an email to linux at we will be happy to amend the links provided the content and distro is currently available. Most if not all the distro’s listed are links to current or archived ISO in CD or DVD format, torrents are also listed.

As you might already be aware yes Ubuntu have cornered the market with their games distro not altogether sure that Ubuntu are responsible for this distro, anyways it is based on the Fiesty Fawn 7.04 to date very stable until you upgrade it. Shed loads of games and other stuff if you want everything then this is one of the distro’s you will be happy with. The desktop has a script which itself will be updated when you run it. There are a number of versions both 1.5 and 1.4 should work and indeed does work with Athlon AM2 Dual Core plus 32 bit CPU’s.

Ubuntu Ultimate

SupergamerVL based on Vector Linux SuperGamer used to be based on PCLinuxOS we have had problems running this dvd as a Live DVD and never got past this point to install it, however you are welcome to try, link below is to a torrent file compatible with application Azureus.

Supergamer Downloads

Knoppix has a games distro also we have no idea what it offers, if someone would be kind enough to tell us we will be pleased to update this page.

Konoppix Games
Another Knoppix site


Ever heard of (MMORPG) Massively Multiplayer On-line Role-playing Game these are online games played played by large communities of gamers. Some of the links via the menu on the left will take you to more information about these particular games.

We do not pretend to know all the Linux gamers CD / DVD there are out their, if you email us and let us know we will investigate and if current we will add them to the list.

Shootems or FPS

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