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Aspects of setting up and maintaining a server, and Local Area Networks in general are covered here, so material here is probably aimed at a more advanced user. The majority of servers around the world today are based on Apache software. A LAMP server is a server running Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. MySQL is a database and PHP is a server side programming language. These elements are the basis of Content Management Systems (CMS), one example of which is Drupal, the engine that powers this site.

Inevitably, as with the hardware section, there is some overlap with other sections of the site. MySQL requires a server to run, one reason aspects of its operation are covered here. SQLite as its name implies does not require a server, and can be downloaded and run on a standalone computer. There is even a plug in for the Firefox browser that supports SQLite.

Browsers and email are other areas of overlap. Today they are essential part of any desktop environment, so you may find further material under software, and even Linux for novices. At the end of each article there are a series of keywords. Clicking on any one of these keywords will produce a list of other pages containing related content. Once you are past the basics, you may find the articles here of use.

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