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Simple How To for Novices

A collection of how to’s to get you started with Linux. What new people to Linux will want to do once they have installed their particular distribution of Linux is to set about personalising their computer, in particular the desktop.

These How To’s introduce a number of articles relating to wallpapers and how to change them, adding Icons and moving the control Icons for each window from the left (as introduced by the Ubuntu 10.04 distro) to the right in the traditional manner. The novice user can also find how to set up an email program such as Thunderbird and open an account within it. Setting up an address book within Thunderbird is a little beyond this section but a description as to how this can be done can be found by clicking the following link address book. Furthermore, other, more advanced How To’s on building a computer; installing a Linux Distro; or adding articles to the SoSlug website can be found by clicking the link computer build; How do i install pclinuxos; or Adding Content, respectively.

This section further explains what can be done about booting problems, backing up your hard drive and what to do with your files that end up in the all important Recycle bin.

Although not strictly a “How To” you should also view Ubuntu housekeeping which will explain the things to do once you have installed your fresh Ubuntu distro.

Author: Peter Horwood - Page reference: 1048
Last modified: Alan Campion - 2012-02-16