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Why Choose Linux

Twenty Four Reason’s Why You Should Choose Linux

As an alternative operating system Linux scores on a number of points compared with it’s costly alternative so we will list them.

  1. Cost – Linux Operating System is free
  2. Application Cost – All Open Source Application’s are free
  3. Installation – Linux installation can take less than 30 Min depending on machine specification
  4. Upgrades – Linux upgrades are quick and uncomplicated
  5. Registration – Linux does not require long very very long complicated codes to register, it requires none
  6. Development – Linux Development and Application Development environment are free
  7. Advice – All Linux support is free unless you want to pay for it
  8. Visualizations – Linux supports the latest development in 3D Desktop visualizations much better than the number one competitor
  9. Contribution – Linux contribution, developing Linux on your own or with others is free
  10. Attacks – The number one competitor is susceptible to 1,000,000 different attacks and viruses (Source, Linux has only a few
  11. TCO – Linux Total Cost of Ownership is free
  12. Server – Linux servers are ultra stable and free
  13. Clients – All Linux clients licenses are free
  14. NTFS – Linux can access Read and Write to NTFS mounted drives
  15. Live – Linux can run from both CD’s and USB Storage Keys
  16. OS and Standard Packages – Linux is the only OS that comes complete with a usable Office application as standard on a single small CD
  17. Merits – Linux, the merits over one application over another similar application are defined by use, not its creator
  18. Memory – Linux compared with it’s number one competitor has a small memory and disk footprint
  19. Hardware – Linux will run on fairly modestly powered hardware and not restricted by any architecture
  20. Personalisation – Linux can be configured exactly to your own requirements
  21. Assistive Technologies – Screen Readers, Braile, Dasher and Magnifier all support for free
  22. Security – EAL5 is one of the highest Government ratings for commercial software and above the
  23. standards needed for classified work. Linux also has security code by the NSA

  24. Whilst we don’t recommend this, it is still possible to turn a Server Build into a Desktop and a Desktop to a Server Build and yes there is no charge, it is free
  25. As installations go Linux has a small footprint compared to most all it’s rivals

Author: Derek Shaw - Page reference: 4265
Last modified: Alan Campion - 2015-01-28