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Drum Synthesiser – Hydrogen

Hydrogen Drum Synthesiser Tutorial

Hydrogen is for want of a better description a Drum Synthesiser you can play drums with it. Now I am by no means a drummer or anything close to being a musician of any sought, but I rather wish I was. It is a high end application designed to create drum patterns that can be used on it’s own or in conjunction with other audio products such as “Ardour”.


Not long ago any kind of professional audio work was confined to propriety software and the cost was, and still is astronomic. The purpose of this article is to provide an instructional content on howto create Drum patterns using the application called hydrogen not, I repeat not to turn you into any kind of professional musician. Hydrogen is a capable program and can be used with or without the Jack Audio Connector, not all audio applications that utilise Jack plugin are capable of using the default audio driver.


Hydrogen will use almost any audio driver available to it, left in default auto mode in preferences section it should select the Jack audio connector provided jack already is running, you can also predefine what audio driver Hydrogen is to use. We would recommend you use jack as this seems to us to be less distorted and more flexible but if this the only application you intend to use and sound quality is ok, then by all means use ALSA or any other audio driver that takes your fancy.

  • Installation
  • Tour
  • Drum Manager
  • Pattern Editor
  • Song Editor
  • Mixer

The installation will give only one method buy which you can install this software there are many other ways available this tutorial will only concentrate on command line. This will be followed by a quick tour of the various editors, mixers and managers used in Hydrogen. Looking at each of the separate components in turn starting with the Mixer, Drum Manager and ending with the Song Editor.

Author: Derek Shaw - Page reference: 4086
Last modified: Peter Horwood - 2015-10-26

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