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Desktop Applications and Howto’s

This Desktop section and Howto’s cover applications that run from the Gnome, KDE, XFCE and many other Xserver window managers. These applications are defined as programs that run from one or more of the Windows Managers above rather than from a console session.

However it should be noted that most of the applications mentioned will run from the command line using it’s correct program GUI (Graphical User Interface) name running from within almost any of the Linux Windows Managers available. This in no way impedes or limit’s it use, quite the contrary by adding command line options often referred to as switches, this allows you to use very fast batch programming and complex scripting techniques not available through the GUI alone.

What constitutes an application can sometimes be difficult to define as the barriers are blurred when used in conjunction with hardware, such applications include K3b this application is a CD & DVD Burner / Copier one of the best applications in our view for use with th Linux operating system, perhaps because it’s free, or because it’s beautifully written or it can just be damn good at what it does. It’s not all good news for Linux, there are unfortunately gaps, ruddy great big ones. These are applications that should be better catered for than currently, such applications as video editing lack choice and substance, choice because of the number of possible video editors available and substance because of the video editors that are out there are woefully inadequate for the task. However despite this SoSLUG will do it’s best to express the best in the applications that are available.

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