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Minutes AGM 23 April 2012

Minutes of AGM held by SoSLUG members on 23rd April 2012.

1. Members present were:-

  • Derek Shaw
  • Peter Smith
  • Mike McGettigon
  • Barry Stoll
  • Rory McPherson
  • Alan Campion
  • Anthony Shaper
  • Paul Derbridge
  • Keiron Lee
  • Peter Horwood
  • 2. Additional Member payments were received from:-

  • Derek Shaw
  • Barry Stoll
  • Ian Prentice
  • Ester Eshikongo
  • Howard Smeed
  • Peter Smith
  • 3. Derek Shaw as Chairman opened the meeting by thanking the members for attending and for everyone’s continued support for the club.

    4. The Chairman then outlined to the attendee’s what the current posts are and by whom they where filled, namely:-

  • Derek Shaw (2011-2012 Chairman)
  • Peter Horwood (2011-2012 Treasurer)
  • Anthony Shaper (2011-2012 Secretary)
  • 5. Having outlined the posts the Chairman indicated that the new elections would take place towards the end of the AGM.

    6. The Chairman made known the achievements of the club for the preceding year including that of the collaboration with Chelmsford Linux user group on the Software Freedom Day.

    7. A report was called by the Chairman from the Secretary, Anthony Shaper. The Secretary mentioned that we had survived another year and indicated some additional avenues to further the Linux movement in Southend, and to structure one of our regular weekly meetings around a particular Linux related theme once a month.

    8. The Chairman then requested the Treasurer, Peter Horwood, to provide his report to the members for the balance of funds and to communicated the expenditure of the club for the last year. Peter highlighted to the members an account of all the expenditure for the previous year, the balance and status of the bank account. Furthermore, full details of the SoSLUG bank account were made available for all members to browse.

    9. The Chairman then requested nominations be made for all posts up for election this year, and the Chairman requested that for the purpose of this AGM the elections for Secretary, Treasurer and Chairman would follow that order.

    10. Then the election of a new Secretary, Treasurer and Chairman took place and after a brief discussion the current members in these posts were re-elected. Therefore for the next year the officers of SoSLUG will be:-

  • Secretary Anthony Shaper
  • Treasurer Peter Horwood
  • Chairman Derek Shaw
  • 11. Membership fees were discussed, as well as what the club uses the funds for, what they could be used for and how they might be used in the future.It was agreed the fees would remain nominal at £1.00 per member per year and that the practice of allowing only paid up members to vote would continue.

    12. The Chairman then asked if there was any other business before the meeting was closed.

    13. A discussion then occurred as to what should be done to put the outstanding balance of the bank account to good use and the suggestion was made to use it to communicate with other Linux user groups.

    14. The Chairman then closed the meeting with a hearty well done on everyone’s efforts to date and with the hope the coming year will increase everyone’s awareness of Linux and the clubs efforts would be more widely supported.

    15. Submitted by the Treasurer Peter Horwood on 24th April 2012.

    Author: Peter Horwood - Page reference: 1052
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