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How HTML works

How HTML works

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, so what does that mean?. A dictionary definition of hypertext is,

A definition of Hypertext
(noun) Computing a software system that allows extensive cross referencing between related sections of text and associated graphic material.

Imagine you have looked up an article in an encyclopaedia. At the end of the article it says see also with a reference to another section, which you then go on and read. That’s hypertext bit. One definition of Markup is

A definition of Markup
Mark or correct text (etc.) for typesetting or alteration.


As the diagram illustrates books that are works of fiction for example, are meant to be read sequentially, starting at the first page. However you wouldn’t read a dictionary or encyclopaedia in the same way. You might start with an article in the encyclopaedia, which provides cross references to other (related) material. This is hypertext.

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