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Mint is a distro – German of course – that has a wonderful appeal about it, although not a Ferrari it certainly looks as good as one, perhaps a better analogy would be a BMW, a masterpiece of German engineering thats Mint not the car. Most Linux distro’s are derivatives and Mint is no exception it is Debian based ie “Ubuntu”, one of Ubuntu criticisms is that whilst it works very well, is stable and reliable it just does not have great looks. Mint does have looks and really good one at that, it has a certain wow factor which appeals to many, it also has many of the features from the box that many spend time and effort to install on other flavours.


The download needs little comment. The iso file fits comfortably on a single 700Mb CD. Although I have a 64 bit computer, I know the troubles that can be caused with certain software however a 32 bit system is sadly all that is offered but at least it is or will be available for both Gnome and KDE depending on the version chosen. Older versions of the Operating System notably Elyssa does I am surprised to see has an x86_64 version available from the main download site, hopefully a Felicia version will follow which can review. I don’t yet trust x86_64 as fully as I would x86_32 but as this should improve the performance and hopefully the technical problems with some applications are resolved I will make an interesting review(when i get around to it).

Mint main website is located at []
Downloads for this OS are located at [ Mint Downloads]

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