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Benfleet theme gets a new menu

Along with some other additions, a new menu format has been added to the benfleet theme. It is a drop down menu specifically designed to work with a responsive theme. The menu divides each level into a series of panels, to provide a breadcrumb trial back to the main page.

Hovering the mouse over the topmost panel, reveals at each level in the menu structure those panels that must be traversed to arrive at the current page. The panels overlay one another, so only the title page for subsequent panels is visible. Clicking on any one of these previous panels will take you back up to that level. A panel is limited to a maximum of 8 pages, after that the content must be subdivided to create a new sub panel. As a general rule, the more detailed, or specific the content is, the lower that page is likely to be in the menu structure.

As well as the menu panels, a site map has been created which indexes all the pages, as an indented list, in the same way a book is indexed. This is located on top level index panel.

Behind the scenes, juggling pages on a full index, can be tricky. Within wordpress, custom (sub) menu’s can created to make the rearranging of pages more manageable.

Template code for FAQ pages

To test out the use of Javascript, a dynamic template for FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages has been added, to adapt the page format to suit a responsive design, and simplify the page creation, especially for novice users. Once the author has generated a list of questions and answers, each question becomes part of a table of contents (TOC). Clicking on a question will reveal the answer to that question; other answers being hidden. At the time of writing, this is only available for gimp content.

Author: Alan Campion - Page reference: 3095
Last modified: Alan Campion - 2015-02-20

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