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Recording set up for Damien

We have already done some work on the field recording aspect of the project. I have for quite a few years gone out with a mic and minidisc recorder and walked about town to record sounds and townscapes. I have used some of them in ambient songs that I have made, mainly as layers underneath the main body of the tracks.

But for AWSoM I wanted Damien to record the sounds. Previously she has either used interpreters to “describe” the sounds to her and the effects that she has put on them (a very ambiguous process), or relied on a description of a source sample alone and not even heard the original sample at all, let alone the finished result.

So we kitted her up with a way of actually knowing what sounds she can capture. Using my MD recorder, a mic and a portable NXT speaker strapped to her person, she can now feel the sounds that the mic is picking up instead of just pointing the mic and guessing what the end result may be.

For the project itself we will go to the site a few times to make recordings, probably on days with different types of weather. Just for now, we can have fun recording many other things.


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