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(FPS) First Person Shootems

Listed here on this page are some of the games we know will work on Linux systems and especially that of Ubuntu. The purpose of this wiki is to provide the means to install these games and relate any quirkiness of it’s installation rather than the information to get to the next level within the game. If you are put off from using Linux due to the perceived lack of games this and the following sections are for you. Some of the information below we obtained mostly form other site’s such as

Happy Penguin
Ultimate Ubuntu

and others, under such circumstances links to the relevant sites have, where possible been added.


FPS Definition: A first person shooter, commonly called FPS in the gaming arena, is a game in which the player sees the action on the screen as if he or she were looking through the eyes of the main character he or she is playing. The shooter section of the term indicates that the majority of game play in these games will require the use of rifle or pistol type weaponry. First person shooters are widely popular across multiple platforms, there are many variations of this type of game, such as tactical first person shooters, where the gameplay is less run and gun and more strategy based via the shooter element. The term FPS can also refer to ‘frames per second,’ but in Video Game Strategies this does not apply unless we are specifically referring to the frame rate of a video game.

Classic Shoot Em’s such as “Doom” or “Quake” require the movement of one body (Male or Female) through a maze of tunnels or landscapes against forces that far exceed your own. You mission should you decide to accept it, is to blast the living hell out of every single object that moves, and proceed to do so on each and every level – this has been termed fun.

As Ubuntu is one of the most popular distro’s available to date, it has massive repositories to download from generally the preferred installation method is to install from the “Gnome-Application-Installer” or the “Synaptic-Package-Manager”. Either method will download all necessary dependencies for the games given below unless otherwise indicated.

How to find the name of the game you want to install

First try Google with search terms for the given name you are looking for and Linux this should bring up many pages where others have created pages or forums that specify howto do something along the line of what you have searched for. Next armed with the information use the search in either the “Gnome-Application-Installer” or “Synaptic-Package-Manager” to locate the game you want.

To save a lot of time and space we have chosen to demonstrate the installation from the command line in terminal. Before attempting such an installation use the following at the start of each new session (once each day you attempt to install).

#> sudo apt-get update
#> Password:
#> sudo apt-get upgrade

Each time you use sudo you may be asked for your password, provided you are the default account owner your standard password can be used.

With the preliminaries over we can now install some of the games we have found within the shoot em category.

Shootem Games

That is pretty much it, have fun!

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