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SoSLUG website improvements.

Hello everyone.

We’re back!.

Sadly, as a result of our forced disappearance, the site is lacking in certain aspects. For example, some links may be broken and some images may not be visible at the moment. But rest assured, we’re working hard behind the scenes fixing things as we find them.

It has always been a desire of SoSLUG members to offer useful, coherent information, to anyone who comes to visit us, whether in person, (and we’re always delighted to welcome visitors on a Monday evening) or via this site.

Please bare with us as we attempt to get the site to a respectable state again.

The SoSLUG web site is actually two sites, but part of the work we’re doing at present, is to amalgamate everything into one – This should make it far easier for all our visitors, as it removes potential confusion on where you need to go.

We thank you for your patience while these changes are taking place. If you do experience any problems such as a broken link, it would be really helpful if you could tell us, so we can fix it – thank you!

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Last modified: Derek Shaw - 2015-01-20

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