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“This email request comes from a student of Graham Harwood from Goldsmith University London this is a letter I received earlier today not just to me but all of us really. Jean Demars is a trusted and valued student of Grahams if you can help him in anyway with this project or projects it will be much appreciated by all”

Hello Derek,

I am a student of Harwood at Goldsmiths and we met a few times between Southend and London. I sent you a flyer for the project I am developing a little while ago

In relation to this, I am also setting up a media space for youth in Morocco and I was wondering if you would know where I could get a few old computers that could still be used for internet and other activities down there. I only really need the units as screens are just too heavy to send. I brought 3 down last time I went and I would like to bring another 5 maximum so we can do some workshops in April-May.

I will probably see you around at the Tantalum Memorial party but let us know before if you have any ideas. That would be very helpful..;-)

Many thanks


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