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Childsplay is not a single game but a suite of educational games aimed predominantly at children

Of the Childsplay/CognitionPlay/Schoolsplay family of programs, Childsplay is the one oriented at home users but can also be used in kindergarten schools. Python and PyGame based, it provides a framework for activities that are more ‘game’ like: they can have animation and move.

Childsplay has all the activities found in the old childsplay, version < 0.90.


Childsplay provides several features for users and developers of activities:

  • Memory activities that are fun to play and at the same time learn sounds, images, letters and numbers.
  • activities that train the child to use the mouse and keyboard.
  • pure game activities like puzzles, pong, pacman and billiards.
  • multilingual support, even right to left languages (via Pango).
  • solid data logging to monitor the children’s progress; locally (SQLite) or over network (MySQL or any other db supported by SQLAlchemy).
  • set of OpenOffice reports to print this data (still in development state).
  • object oriented framework for easy activity development in Python/PyGame.
  • good support by the developers and translators.

Images originally placed in this article 2007 it is likely the images may have been updated since.

Game Module Image Description Age
Numbers numbers Put the correct operator between two numbers. 5-7
SoundNpic soundnpic A toy for young children with pictures and sounds. 2-4
Packid packid A pac-man game, try to catch the letters. 4-7
Soundmemory soundmemory The classic memory game, with sounds. 3-6
Fallingletters fallingletters Type them before they reach the ground. 4-7
Findsound findsound Listen to a sound and find the image to which it belongs. 3-5
Findsound2 findsound2 The same as findsound, now with numbers and letters. 5-6
Pong pong The classic game, play alone,against the computer or against another child. 4-7
Billiard billiard Try to put the balls in the hole. 4-7
MultiTables multitables Learn the multiplication tables. 7-9
Puzzle puzzle Recreate the image. 4-6
LetterFlashcard letterflashcard Learn the alphabet by listening to the words and initials. 1-4

Childsplay uses a plug-in system for the game modules. These games are packaged in plugin-packages (only one for now). You must first install childsplay before you can use these games, because they only work from within childsplay.

#> sudo apt-get install childsplay childsplay-plugins childsplay-plugins-lfc

Installing the three packages above will net you all the childsplay games listed.

What didn’t you know you can add more than one package at a time to install.

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