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Village Green Projects 26/09/09

Proposed SoSLUG Projects for 26th September 2009

Chalkwell Park Village Green Event



SoSLUG has been communicating with for the last couple of week’s now some Musicians with a view to adoption of a project that we could use for this year’s Village Green @ Chalkwell Park 26th September 2009 event. Last year we choose pigeon’s which was very successful in achieving it’s design specification’s and goals, this proved to be a delight to all and very interesting for young and old alike.


Discussion’s have now got to the point where we can list some of the projects we are thinking of adopting for this years festival.

  • Musical Printers
  • Sound Effects Reproduction
  • Gimp presentation by Rolf Steinort
  • A worlds first using a printer to detect moving objects.
  • Spoke POV
  • GYOML James Wallbank
  • James Stevens Greenwich can I get him to come down???

Project Descriptions

Musical Printers not the name it may eventually end with, here we would use recycled Dot Matrix printers to produce a recognisable musical output, this could end you to be 1 bit output or 4 bit these Dot Matrix Printers came in two versions one with a 9 bit head and the other was twenty four bit head.

Project Co-ordinators [ derek at soslug dot org], rob.gretton at telephasic dot co dot uk

Specialist or at least knowledgeable support required in the field of electronics, familiarity with Arduino Open Source Systems, Serial, USB and centronics interfaces. SoSLUG have a number of people interest in the project itself but would be seeking someone with vision that can lead this project and it’s team to it’s ultimate conclusion. A team leader will eventually be chosen that is dynamic, adaptable and considerate that is prepared to champion team goals over and above there own abilities.

SFX (Special Audio Effects ) again not sure what name we will eventually go with on this one a number of options have been submitted but no decision has yet been made. Using the theme of Recycling we are interested in producing sound effects originally produced by but not exclusively to the BBC. The BBC had or still has a Radiophonic Workshop this workshop would produce sound effects intended for use within there media programs. Records or CD’s have been released with snippets of these sound effects but little has been done to assist the young in the development of these sound or how they may alternatively be produced.

Project Co-ordinators [ derek at soslug dot org], rob.gretton at telephasic dot co dot uk.

The aims of this project would be to produce a library of code for use initially with Pd (Pure data) and SC (Supper Collider) that anyone can use, have access to contribute and retrieve from. These two applications are designed with artists and programmers in mind are very easy to use and have a strong support following. We intend to have some initial workshops to bring some familiarity with this software for musicians artists and programmers and other interested parties.

Registered participating interest stems from the following personnel

  • Mike McGettigan (a Youth Project Leader in Shoeburyness)
  • Alan Campion
  • Paul Derbridge
  • Andy Knight
  • Dan Patynski
  • Gary Cordery
  • Stuart Bowditch (well he hasn’t offered yet but sure he will)

There also exists the possibility to involve developers of the Pure:Dyne project as they have intimate knowledge for the workings of both SC and Pd by joining there mailing list someone should have the answers we seek. There is also a strong active ring community for Pd. As a budget option we should get Aymeric Mansoux and or Rob Canning down for one or more workshops with us, we would need to fund this some how.

Gimp Presentation Rolf is interested and available for the date in question but again we would need funding to bring him over.

Project Co-ordinators derek at soslug dot org

Video Printer a similar theme to musical printer but using video we will display a video ascii output via a monitor screen and listen to active output to a rattling Dot Matrix printer.

Project Co-ordinators No one yet assigned offers please to derek at soslug dot org

Spoke POV A project that uses Persistence Of Vision strapped to your push bike these units can be programmed using Open Source Software to display static and animated images but only of a predetermined size.

Project Co-ordinators tailzer at blueyonder dot co dot uk

GYOML (Grow Your Own Media Lab) James Wallbank of Access Space in Sheffield the King of recycling and green issues. Not sure if we go with this or not I would like to see a number of things in place before we do.

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